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Our Company

The leader in the New Zealand saffron industry, Kiwi Saffron is a family business, owned and operated by Steve and Jo Daley. We are situated near Te Anau in the South Island of New Zealand.

Ray Hughes and Cheryl Rault, the previous owners of Kiwi Saffron, are the pioneers of the organic saffron industry in New Zealand, and they have grown saffron commercially for over 20 years. We are proud to follow in their footsteps by producing premium quality, all red sargol saffron.

Our Saffron

Our saffron is Category A1 Plus. It is tested annually to ISO standards 3632 2 and rated 300+ for Crocin (colour intensity), an exceptionally high level we are immensely proud of. While some growers use raised beds, we plant 10 cm deep and apart and then rake soil from path to cover them so they are slightly raised. We use organic Living Earth compost in our growing. We also have saffron corms available during December and January when the corms are dormant.

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Our Honey

At Kiwi Saffron, we produce two varieties of honey. Our clover honey is pale in colour and mild in flavour. Our unique saffron-infused honey is a special combination of two pure foods, resulting in an amber-coloured honey with a subtle saffron flavour.

Steve is a licensed beekeeper (BK01029), and over his many years of experience, has both bred queen bees and had hives producing high-quality honey. As part of our commitment to providing a great product to our valued customers, we are stringent in the care and the health of our bees.

Kiwi Saffron

Once, there was a girl who loved saffron. She loved its secrets, its mystery, the way it flowered in November when most plants were fading. She loved the wave upon wave of soft purple and green in the field, petals delicate as butterfly wings. She loved the urgency of the harvesting, the pulling of dusty red threads of gold in dimly lit rooms, voices murmuring and low singing while the pile of threads grew higher. She loved the aroma of saffron drying, its bitter and surprising scent. She loved the way it brought something special to a plate of food, sunshine to the heart. And, best of all, she loved its hint of magic.

Excerpt from The Saffron Trail by Rosanna Ley

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